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Once Upon a Time in Brussels’s blog: the come back!

Dear Brussels lovers,

I am pleased to announce the ONCE’s blog gets back into action! To sum up, I am going to get a move on and to activate my fingers on the keyboard to give you full of fascinating information about Brussels, in the past and present, about what you should do and you could find here, to give you my good plans to eat, to stroll, to become enlightened and naturally to speak about ONCE’s guided tours. Allowing exception, the appointment is taken: it will be every Thursdays!

Before being the more diligent blog writer ever, I would tell you quickly what happened this year, for these months of silence on the blogosphere, where we are after 1 year and a half of business… I believe that I could announce proudly that the challenge was accepted:  ONCE is a small company which is running riding! The visitors are increasing week after week, it is beautiful, it is magic, that frightens a little bit sometimes because it is necessary to plan, to anticipate, to get organized, to move forward. It is so fascinating. And according to their smiles, their good mood and their compliments, I have happy customers: that so delighted! Look over  here or thereIsn’t it tempting? And then, ONCE is part of the Routard guidebook: a beautiful surprise to finish the season smoothly. Next step: the Lonely Planet.

Once dans Le Routard 2014

Since a few weeks, it is quieter, normal, it begins to be cold! So I should remind that the visits are adapted to the weather: during the winter, we discover inside, we have a break to taste a hot chocolate, we ride less time, and Brussels is so beautiful during this season, it would be a pity to not take advantage of it!

And for 2014 you may say? We are going to try to go into high gear: establish the profitability of the activity, be really able to live on it, constitute a small team of guides, develop other concepts and partnerships (your suggestions are welcome!), propose new routes, etc. All of this will be possible thanks to you who participate in our strolls, who come discovering other visits, who read this blog, who write notices, who speak about it. Thank you very much for your kindness! It tempts to multiply, to create, to move forward. But for it, it is necessary to recharge batteries. So I would like to announce ONCE will be closed from January 22nd till February 17th 2014 included, to restart better and make you dream in 2014.

See you soon to discover Brussels,