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The catering service of Fermenthings

Once in Brussels enjoys eating! And we also enjoy exploring new food experiences and sharing them with you. Which is why we have linked up with Fermenthings which offers you products produced using fermentation techniques, some of which are made on the premises. Did you know that today, this represents one third of the world’s food?!? Coffee, chocolate, craft beer, cider and cheese are all fermented products. But so are Kombucha, miso, lacto-fermented vegetables and sourdough bread. We can organise your meals for you: picnic baskets, dinners or before-dinner cocktails, all options are possible. Come and discover the wonderful world of fermentation!

  • Place: Lieu : at your best convenience
  • We can offer you venues for the organization of your events
  • From 15 to 300 persons
  • Different formules : picnic bags, walking dinner, conferences, ...
  • Different drinks formules

Indicative price for a group, without options (without taxes 21%)

From 18€ per person for a light formule

Tarifs for other formules on request

We do not offer any specific option for this activity. All our offers can be combined with each other: we create your tailor-made programme!