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Tasting and pairing with Fermenthings

Once in Brussels loves combinations! First of all by working with our colleagues at Fermenthings who offer you a range of products produced by fermentation, some of them made on the premises. Then by offering to titillate your taste buds through a tasting involving duos of fermented foodstuffs. You have a choice between cider and cheeses, beers and charcuteries, sake and tsukemono (read fermented vegetables and no, we didn’t know this before either …!) coffee and chocolate or coffee and fruit. Once in Brussels lends a hand to Fermenthings by coordinating the reservations for private groups. If you want to make an individual booking, we suggest you check our colleagues’ site and take a look at their agenda.

  • Place : Fermenthings (Be-Here - rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, 4 - 1020 Bruxelles) or at your best convenience
  • We can offer you venues for the organization of your events
  • Languages : FR or EN or NL
  • From 10 to 60 persons
  • Different formules : ciders et cheeses, biers and charcuterie, saké et tsukemono (fermented vegetables), coffee and chocolate, chocolate or coffee and fruits

Indicative price for a group, without options (without taxes 21%)

For ciders and cheeses formule: from 32€ per persons

For beers and charcuterie formule : from 32€ per person

For saké and tsukemono (fermented vegetables) formule: from 45€ per person

For coffee and chocolate or coffee and fruits formule : from 25€ per person

Tarifs for other formules on request

We do not offer any specific option for this activity. All our offers can be combined with each other: we create your tailor-made programme!