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Once Upon a Time in Brussels, even during the winter period !

Dear friends, dear future friends, dear Brussels,

We are on the 12/12/12 and I think it’s time to talk about the last tour I made for you, especially adapted to the season.

Even if the most part of the other guided tours businesses in Brussels are closed during the winter, Once Upon a Time in Brussels has decided to being open all year long, and especially during the winter season. What an idea, you could say me, it is cold outside! Yes, indeed, as I am myself a big sensitive to the cold, I had not missed this small detail. However, it is not for that reason I don’t set foot outside, is it?

As I am persuaded that the strolls lovers will be delighted to join me for a guided tour with my electric bikes below 10°C, I prepared an adapted tour. To the program : a little shorter stroll, some explanations given inside and a break ” coffee / sweetmeat ” in the warm (included on the price). Obviously, my electric bikes, having resisted the temptation to hibernate at the back of a garage, are always part of it! I would like to remind when you ride an electric bike you do a physical activity but not an intense sport. You should cover yourself, as if you are going to make a long walk, without forgetting your gloves and your hat, and let’s go!

After a first visit on the 1st of December with nine persons and one second the last weekend with an English-Canadian couple, I can guarantee you that nobody lost toes! Of opinion of testers, it appears this second tour is better than the first one that I proposed you last summer … Well, these are not my words :!

See you soon for winter guided tour in Brussels!