Winter route

In winter, Brussels reveals its mysteries

in winter

Does winter scare you? Brussels has a peculiar charm during this season, so why not make the most of it?


"You must be mad, its freezing outside!" we hear you say. Don't worry! We've made the route shorter so you don't get frostbite. We take advantage of this extra time by leaving the bikes outside and exploring the inside of certain buildings. Without passing up a hot chocolate break in an unexpected location!

Quartier Saint-Jacques

Don't forget that the electric bikes allow us to get around without suffering an intense workout session. So we only have to wrap ourselves up well, as if we were going for a long walk, without forgetting gloves and a hat, and off we go!

Fresque BD XIII (2)

During this guided tour, put together by a historian, we will wander the streets of the city centre, far, very far, from the hordes of tourists. On the menu you will find comic books, railway stations and a pilgrimage.

Jonction Nord Midi

We will tell you about Brussels' origins and the history of its ports. We will also ponder the current use of ancient buildings which have long lost their original function. By the way, do you know why there are so many fish themed restaurants around the Sainte-Catherine church?

Fresque BD Corto Maltese (2)

A bike route updated on the go, constantly discovering new curiosities and enchanted locations.

Unless the weather becomes crazy, this tour by electric bike is available from November to March.

This guided tour is availabale for booking and could be organise everyday except on Wednesday.


- Brussels waffle tasting.

- A tasting of Maison Dandoy's artisanal biscuits and cookies.