Thematic routes

Let's stick to the topic


For example, what would you say to a tour of the most beautiful town halls in Brussels?

Maison communale Watermael-Boitsfort

Thematic tours, we said: "Never! We want to offer something else!". But, on hearing your requests, we will give in to the overwhelming pressure! However, there's one condition: thematic tours, fine, but originality forever!

Maison Communale Anderlecht (1)

So we have the latest information about the themes that we're offering: you won't find them anywhere else. Occasionally, on a few specific dates advertised on the website, on social media and via our newsletter, we offer themed guided tours on electric bikes..

Maison Communale Saint-Gilles (1)

The possibility to travel longer distances and to reach places that would not be otherwise accessible on foot.

Thematic rides are made in collaboration with Pages d'Histoire, on a few specific dates available on the website, on social media and via our newsletter (registration on our homepage). 

They can be also organized on request for a group.

Dates and thematics:

To follow in 2015 ...