Spring autumn route

Though nature changes, Brussels remains

In spring and in autumn

When the buds break out or when the trees lose their orange robe, Brussels is a town which comes alive, where electric bikes can be seen in abandon.

Place des Musées

Successively Burgundian, Spanish, Austrian, French and Dutch, Brussels has lived through bicycles, nurtured by famous characters such as Charles Quint, Charles of Lorraine, Leopold II or Theodore Verhaegen. Each one has left their mark on the town!

Eglise Saint-Jacques-sur- Coudenberg

Even more than the others, this cycle tour will show you the Brussels that we love! The town at the heart of Once Upon a Time in Brussels. A capital city made up of surprising nooks, quirky areas, charming streets and green corners.

Rue de Bréderode

During this guided tour, shaped
by a historian, we cross paths
with Peter Pan, and the Headless Lords in front of the Norwegian chalet. We also see how a chapel becomes a venue for festivals and fun, or what the boats on the Ixelles lake are for.  

Place Flagey

From the Congo to the European Parliament, from an Art Nouveau house to a Masonic lodge, Brussels will unveil some of her mysteries
to you.

Parlement européen (3)

A ramble, a happy "melting-pot" which will make you love our town and want to discover more!

Unless the weather becomes crazy, this tour by electric bike is available from April to June,
and from September to October.

This guided tour is availabale for booking and could be organise everyday except on Wednesday. 

Extra option examples for full groups and private tours:

- An electic bike ride, for the day with a picnic lunch, for example.

- An artisanal chocolate and/or biscuits tasting.

- The famous chips - frikadellen - beer.

- A visit to the Coudenberg museum, an underground tour, discovering the relics of the Charlies Quint palace.

- A visit to the Solvay library.

- A visit to the European Parliament.