Lectures and guided tours

Breadth explorations


An historic lecture, followed by the discovery on the ground on an electric bike.

Avenue Roosevelt

During a guided tour through the streets of Brussels, on bike or
on foot, it's not always easy
to explain things in depth
due lack of time or of visual aids. Sometimes your curiosity is not satisfied. So we give you one pleasure after another
throughout the whole day!


In the morning, you will attend a historic lecture which consists of a presentation made up of maps, photos, dates and incredible names. You will discover a subject in detail.

Conférence De Louise au Bois de la Cambre

Armed with this knowledge, you will ride your electric bike in the afternoon, to make links on the ground between what you studied in the morning and the Brussels of today. 

ULB (2)

Seeing a subject in its entirety which will satisfy even the most curious!

Explorations are made in collaboration with Pages d'Histoire, on a few specific dates available on the website, on social media and via our newsletter (registration on our homepage). 

They can be also organized on request for a group.

Dates and thematics:

In English, only on request.

Thematic : the Léopold area.