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A different way to discover Brussels

Guided tours by electric bike


Another approach to the city

We show Brussels from unique angles by exploring select locations and historic backgrounds. Reminding ourselves of the urban development and socio-economic evolution of the city, the architecture and the people of Brussels and their habits, grants us a better understanding of the city.

Another vision of guided tours

We offer you unique routes through different neighborhoods of Brussels where you will discover many monuments, sites and squares. We avoid setting a fixed theme or falling into the trap of typical tourist routes. The idea is to let ourselves be carried away by the city, to try to understand it, to fall even deeper in love with it.

Another way to get around

Thanks to our electrically assisted bikes we can discover different neighborhoods and further appreciate what Brussels has to offer, all in a single trip! Our bikes are assisted by an electric motor which help us explore the city without it feeling like a workout, and making the hills a breeze.

The routes

Adapted to the season and tailored to your wishes


We are specialists in quality guided tours
with electrically assisted bike.

Except for a couple of weeks a year of holidays, we welcome you all year around.
For this reason, our routes change with the seasons.
And if cycling really isn't your thing, you can always choose to discover Brussels on foot!
We also happen to have some unique and surprising tours ready for you.

Though nature changes, Brussels remains

First Burgundian, then Spanish, Austrian and finally French and Dutch, Brussels has lived through cycles fostered by great personalities such as Charles Quint or Léopold the Second. Each one has left their unique mark on the city! Even more so than the others, this route introduces you to Brussels the way we love it! More info...

In winter, Brussels reveals its mysteries

"You must be mad, its freezing outside!" we hear you say. Don't worry! We've made the route shorter so you don't get frostbite. We take advantage of this extra time by leaving the bikes outside and exploring the inside of certain buildings. Without passing up the chance for a hot chocolate break in an unexpected location! More info...

When the sun is shining, Brussels is green and blue

Your electric bike will carry you all along the Maelbeek valley. If you listen carefully, you may even make out the lapping of the water under your feet! We offer you an outing in the proper meaning of the term, feeling the wind in your hair on top of your electric mount. More info...

Discover also

Does the idea of cycling fill you with dread? Even when electrically assisted? Are you visiting Brussels with your toddlers who are too big for our child seats but too small for our bikes? You don't have half a day to spare? We have what you need: a Once Upon a Time in Brussels walk without the electric bike! More info...

Historical lecture, followed by on the spot discovery with electrically assisted bikes. During a guided tour through the streets of Brussels, by bike or on foot, it is not always easy to explain things in depth, due to a lack of time or visual aids. More info...

How do you feel, for example, about a tour of the most beautiful city halls of Brussels? Thematic routes? "Never!" we said. "We want to offer something different!". And yet, hearing your cries, we will give in to the enormous amounts of pressure! More info...

Our beautiful bikes

Electrics of course!


Once Upon a Time in Brussels owns 14 electrically assisted bikes.
Each bike proudly represents Brussels or Belgium.
Come and get to know our bikes,
you won't regret it!





Echte Brusseleir

How to translate a text with so many local words? Even the French couldn't understand this typical language from Brussels! So we've decided to keep the original translate... Do your best and good luck!

Vollegaz est un vrai ket de Bruxelles. Selle blinquante, mais un peu de brol dans le panier. Toujours en compétition avec ce dikkenek de Mayo’ Jaune, il roule à fond de balle dans toutes les strotjes et les endroits les plus scherps de la ville pour passer devant. Et ce n’est pas un petit blouch ou une bonne drache qui lui font peur. Il a en secret un petit boentje pour Orlanda et fait souvent de son Jan quand elle est dans le coin. Il finit parfois la journée complètement zat à force de boire des pinchs avec les autres zivereirs. Alors si vous voulez découvrir les petits recoins de Bruxelles, en criant des « hé manneke » avant de boire une petite bière entre amis, Vollegaz est le bon compagnon de route!

Ghislain Lambert


Pigeon, the bird in grey plumage!



Ghislain lives his life like a film, not without humour and derision. Marked by sensitivity and inventiveness and often a bit offbeat, you’re just as likely to come across him on a campsite in Westende as at the Cannes Film Festival. He would like to go for a weekend away with Emilie Dequenne, because she is so beautiful! But he prefers to stay at home because each turn of the wheel reduces his life expectancy. Not everybody can be a Baron! However, if you need him, he will be there at the crack of dawn to help you to put together your plan, in rain, sleet or snow!



The King, and Law and Liberty!



I am Léopold! And not just any Léopold, I am Léopold the First! When I was young, I spent my time travelling throughout the lush green regions of Bavaria, then, I crossed the giant that is Russia as part of an imperial regiment. I even had the chance to race, and win, against the little Emperor! But the high point of my mountain biking career was the call from Belgium in 1831. Ah Belgium!! Ah Brussels!!! What a pleasure it is to cross your avenues, to discover your hidden nooks and crannies, to visit your buildings full of history. How you have changed and evolved since my arrival in 1830! So many massive changes, so many buildings erected by my descendants, so many architectural styles that have come and gone! I, Léopold the First of the Belgians, will take you on a royal visit of the capital of this tiny state which declared me their King.



United in diversity!



Having grown up in a multicultural environment with friends from practically everywhere, Europa adapts quickly to each new rider, whatever their background or language of communication. She is also used to compromise and teamwork. That being said, she can have her moments of coldness and likes to separate herself from the others from time to time, to find some time alone and daydream... or she can impose herself on the rest of the group, which they often don't appreciate! If you decide to try Europa, keep an eye on the road! Her charm has left more than a few with their heads in the clouds...



Scientia vincere tenebras !



Théodore has the mind of a prankster and never says no to a good joke, especially if it comes with a pils. Even if a rolling stone gathers no moss, Théodore will have you rolling all around Brussels whilst gathering all kinds of moss! Brown, blonde, amber, as with girls, Théodore has no difficulty with beer, his favourite drink. From the Ixelles cemetery to the Place Grand Sablon, via Rue Royale, Théodore will lead you into the very history of Brussels, which is so closely connected to its university. For him, freedom of thought and of enquiry are in no way meaningless clichés. Uniting all of Brussels' students through feasting and brotherhood, ride with Théodore and keep your whistle wet!



Anything goes, really!


Party animal, American style!

However much Kinga may be a Brussels kid, he never forgets his Congolese origins. Joyful, lovable and full of energy, especially when he's fully charged! He still remembers his origins with conflicting feelings. His memories often bring him back to the buildings in Brussels and neighbourhood of Matongé.



Long live nature!


Simple and a dreamer

Marguerite enjoys the simple pleasures in life... Having a picnic in the Cinquantenaire Park towards the end of summer, admiring the trees at the Bois de la Cambre in autumn, going sledging on the slopes of the Woluwe Park when it snows in winter, enjoying the first rays of sun on a bench in the Abbaye de la Cambre gardens or roaming about the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken or enjoying the shade and quiet of Egmont Park when the sun comes out in force. Marguerite feels very much at home in Brussels, one of the greenest capitals in Europe, and she will always be up for a short stroll.



And everything else is literature


Mysterious and romantic

Orlanda is a bit mysterious, and you will realise this as you browse the books stashed away in her beautiful basket. Orlanda is a literary bike, make no mistake! Within the pages of her namesake novel are the letters and words which have made Brussels a city of passion and life. She is a romantic and sometimes extremely sensitive bike, according to the needs of the narrative. With Orlanda you will experience fabulous adventures and unbelievable stories. She definitely is not like the other bikes, because when she rides, it's as if Brussels speaks and reveals itself around her.



It's time to get on your bicycle!


Rebellious and feisty

TabarnaQC would be resistant enough to cross the ocean and lead you to Quebec, but we don't ask that much from you! Belgians have a lot in common with Quebeckers, so there's no need to travel so far! Just as the Quebec swearword from which it takes its name, the TabarnaQC is a rebel, a passionate steed which is miserable when staying with the rest of the herd. You can coax it with maple syrup or by singing it a Celine Dion song. "Enweye asteure, yé temps d’monter su ton bicycle!"



There is only one champion!



Me, I was a potato! That was my first life. Gentle, a little bit simple and eager about cycling. I dreamt of getting back up to Rue Ravenstein, marching in front of the Royal Palace and circling around the little ring road. On a day without cars, I would have shown these Sunday Cyclists how to dance their way up the Botanical Gardens Boulevard! Fortunately, the god of chips offered me a second life, as a bike! Since then, I have been the Mayo' Jaune of the team. I will lead you through the streets and over the summits without tiring you out. I also know all of the best stops for genuine gourmet Belgian chips. There is only one Champion of Sauces, so choose me!

Ceci n'est pas un vélo


This is not a bike



For an unreal journey through Brussels, climb aboard a surreal bike. With this bike, Brussels will seem extraordinary. For a whimsical journey through Brussels, there is no other bike like it! Choose 'This is not a Bike' and you will charmed by the city, as real as it can get...

Come On !


Come On !



Sit in the seat with me and I will show you some classic Belgian comics! It's just a taster...something put in a comic strip... which will immerse them and devour them one after the other, discovering the new adventures of our Belgian heros: Tintin, Le Chat, XIII, Ric Hochet, Largo Winch, The Smurfs and many others!

Impossible is not french !


Impossible is not french !



I was the first Emperor of the French and everyone thinks that my impetus was shattered in Waterloo. Que nenni! As incredible as it may be, I'm back! My first stay in Brussels dates back to Messidor in 1803. I was dazzled! I stayed there several times, but always being too busy, I never had the time to tame it. Today, I came back just for her, to stroll through her streets, parade through her avenues, it's great to see, but I also look forward to her short history, and to share these walks with you. Just a small warning: Hold me back, otherwise I will be tempted to take the lead for I am a little bossy. And above all, never venture towards the direction of Waterloo!