Brussels activities

Groups activities

Colleagues, family or friends gatherings

Stays in Brussels and festive occasions management


Once Upon a Time in Brussels works in close collaboration with Pages d’ Histoire and Kalliope to offer to you
groups activities with two main lines: 

guided tours off the beaten tracks 
cultural and fun team building projects

who could be combined with tasting pleasure and creative activities.

Visite guidée à pied intérieur
Balade à vélo électrique Parc Léopold Yelp
Dégustation bières
Challenge Totem Black Train Equipe

Your personnalised and varied
program according to your wishes!

Participate in a cultural tour on foot.
Explore Brussels on electrically assisted bikes.
Follow the leads of an unusual and gustative game.
Take up the Totem challenges to value the qualities of your team.
Attend a lecture around the History of Brussels.
Celebrate your events in our prestigious places.
Play, investigate and many other things still.

Challenge Totem Black Train Circuit
Challenge Totem Lost Information
Visite guidée à pied