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Once in Brussels

Since 2012, we've been organising guided tours to discover Brussels off the beaten tracks.

In 2012, Virginie Muller started as an independent and began her guided electric bike tours. She runs the shop and guides you in Brussels. Since its founding, the activities of Once Upon a Time in Brussels have grown. Today we work in collaboration, which allows us to offer more complete service.

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Your guide to electric biking and beyond, the founder of Once Upon a Time in Brussels.

While still a student, Virginie communicated her passion for her hometown to friends who were visiting. Her master's degree in History at the Brussels University allowed her to deepen her knowledge. An interest in old buildings, flavourful stories and unusual places helped shape her enthusiasm for this unusual capital. With surprising rides and astonishing explanations, she is happy to share her passion on a daily basis. Brussels isn't tamed easily: it is through its differences that we can fully love it. Thanks to the comfort of the electric bike, trips are made easy and allow for a multitude of discoveries. Today, Virginie offers you the chance to explore Brussels in her own way... You'll love it!


At Once Upon a Time in Brussels, we don't really have a team,

but we know how to surround ourselves with the best!

More than just partners,

these are our fellow workers that we invite you to meet here.


Our second voice for everything about the guided tours and Brussels History, the creator of Pages d'Histoire.

Eric became passionate about the city's history in his teen years. This interest has had few limitations and has occurred through different aspects: Brussels through its bells, its mayors, its metro stations, to mention only a few topics. Collecting information and writing have become his passions. Due to his passion for writing, it was natural for him to start writing. In the middle of all his books, something was missing to make Eric feel completely satisfied: an audience eager to discover Brussels in a unique way, by his side. The idea of lecture tours, backed up by solid presentations, was developed. With lectures on guided tours, fans followed. They went out on some fabulous walks. Today, Eric and Virginie have teamed together to offer you the chance to go even further in your discovery of Brussels!



Our bit of craziness and imagination to offer you fun activities and team building, the creator of Kalliope.

Jean-Michel creates events as diverse as medieval festivals, murder mysteries, theme weekends, activities for children, banquets and show staging, as well as interpretation. Today, the creation and organization of interactive team building for businesses and groups have become his calling card. Jean-Michel has created several original games that allow participants to discover the basics of communication and team building. He offers fun and diverse activities that are accessible to everyone. Thanks to his acting abilities, themes and characters make his team building concept attractive and fun, as you will see when you join us for your time with colleagues, family or friends!


Cycles Devos

Our super bike store, masterfully managed by Frédéric and Laurent, not to mention their great team.

Let's go back a few years, to a time when Once Upon a Time in Brussels was only an idea. After carefully studying the electric bike market in Brussels, we were left looking for our future bikes: such disappointments! That was until we opened the door to Cycles Devos and met Frédéric, who was interested in our new concept and had a true desire to help us. Since then, a relationship of trust and mutual assistance has developed between us. I must say that Cycles Devos is an institution in Brussels! Founded in 1910 in Ixelles, the company has been actively run by the same family for four generations. There, you'll find a wide range of various products, offering traditional and electric bikes, scooters and accessories for two-wheelers, for all uses from athletic to recreational. And even if you sometimes have to wait a bit, you'll encounter a team that is motivated, qualified and available and which will do its utmost to satisfy you!



Christophe, Jean-Louis and their team, our brains for anything related to the web and communication.

Right out of IHECS, Christophe is an ace in communication and marketing. He always has lots of ideas, from the most realistic to the most far-fetched, but the important thing is sharing! Jean-Louis, a DJ in his own time, perfectly juggles between html codes and google analytics. He comes up with a new efficient website quicker than his shadow! These two work very well together and offer their services via Cobea. They help start-ups, SMEs, businesses, independents, artists, etc. with the same will: to provide tools and services that are accessible and adapted to everyone. They were involved with the Once Upon a Time in Brussels project before it even had a name! Thanks to their hard work and their wise advice, we certainly owe it to them that we have many customers!



Our athletic reinforcement when the electric bike becomes too easy, the creator of Be-Well.

While Virginie founded Once Upon a Time in Brussels, Luc, a sports coach, embarked on the development of Be-Well. This organisation offers sports and wellness activities for individuals, groups and companies. It takes advantage of outdoor activities such as running, Nordic walking and mountain biking. It also has a mountain bike rental service that allows us to supplement our fleet of electric bikes when we have bigger groups!

Luc Be-Well

Carol et Patrice

Owner of B&B Josaphat Park.

Residents of Schaerbeek (one of the Brussels districts), Carol, Patrice and Virginie are almost neighbors! The couple owns a beautiful house on the edge of Parc Josaphat. Two comfortable rooms are offered as a Bed & Breakfast. Carol makes breakfasts focusing on organic ingredients, and she prepares them homemade. It is not uncommon that she welcomes you into her kitchen, busy kneading her bread! For a romantic stay in Brussels, B & B Josaphat Park is the perfect choice. Only 4 kilometres from the Grand Place, you'll enjoy a quiet and green area, not to mention the warm welcome from Carol and Patrice!

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Brussels Welcome Hotel

Brussels Welcome Hotel is an attraction in itself! Just a few steps from Sainte-Catherine Church, right in the centre, we recommend this hotel without hesitation. The house dates from the 19th century and has hosted one of the best Brussels restaurants for over half a century. The current hotel emerged in 2002, when the owners decided to enlarge the house and offer seventeen comfortable and modern rooms, representing a true world tour. The hotel's originality and especially its authenticity (almost all of the objects come from the owners' trips), are pillars of the concept! You'll discover Brussels while "staying" in Bali, Tibet, Marrakech or Tahiti: a real change of scenery!t !

Welcome Hotel Once